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The Importance Of Trust In Offshore Outsourcing

So how would you know if the service provider you have selected and the staff they have hired for you are really doing their job and doing it well?  If you are somewhere in North America or Europe or Oceania, and your service provider is in one of the cities in the Philippines, chances are – you won’t know. But you can trust that even without your active monitoring, the team your service provider assigned to you are fully dedicated to do the tasks that you have outsourced for them to perform.

Trust – it is a very important factor for the success of an offshore outsourcing engagement. No outsourcing project will ever succeed without it, especially where full operational transparency is not included in the whole scheme of things. Transparency brings about trust, and trust brings about success.

Let’s look at what it takes to build and sustain trust in an outsourcing engagement:

  1. Trust in the service provider. Outsourcing has almost become a “fad” in English-speaking developing countries. Almost overnight, outsourcing vendors in major cities, like in the Philippines, have sprouted up like mushrooms, offering services from Virtual Assistants to telemarketers and IT support. Most of these companies are able to put up good-looking web sites. But web sites can be deceiving. If you want to be sure you can trust your service provider, take time to visit their facilities and meet their people. You may be in for a surprise – how many of them would fall into the category of “fly-by-night operators”. So if you intend to partner with an outsourcing service provider for the long-term, you should take the time to go and visit them, then make the decision on who to trust from there.
  2. Trust in the staff. If your service provider will not allow you to meet and screen each of the staff that would be assigned to your project, you should be alarmed. A fully transparent outsourcing engagement will involve the service provider conducting their due diligence on the staff, allowing you to personally screen and select the staff, and work with them directly during the course of the engagement. This will assure you that the staff assigned to you are fully qualified, engaged and are doing only the tasks that you have hired them to do.
  3. Trust in the client. Your service provider should be able to trust you also – right from the start. If during the initial contact you are evaluating other service providers also, it pays to let them know. If you intend to hire the staff directly after a certain period, they have to know also so that they can include that as a provision in the service agreement and as a career path for the employee. If your intention is to try them only for a few months, let them know also – it will help them in their preparations.

Trust is never a one-way street, it is always mutual and must be adhered to and exercised by all parties in any outsourcing engagement. It takes time to build it, but with careful and diligent selection, you will will be able to find the right service provider you can trust, who can assign for you also trustworthy and dedicated employees.

This is the reason why here at Next BPO Solutions, we emphasize high-level of trust among our people and we engage our clients in a fully transparent manner. We will not ask you to trust us, but we will show you why you can.


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