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Boom in the BPO industry expected to impact generation of jobs in the Philippines.

By Darren Juffray H. Manalastas

As the Philippines becomes one of the top outsourcing destinations in the world today, it is also quite expected to produce a booming number of jobs for its citizens.

As cited by the World Bank on ABS-CBNNews.com through Ms. Cathy Rose A. Garcia’s article- “Higher infrastructure spending is expected to create hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the construction and trade subsectors while continuous growth of the BPO industry is expected to generate 100,000 new jobs this year, although industry expansion is being slowed down by the diminishing supply of qualified workers” *

It is believed that this will have a major impact on the economy of the Philippines as the contribution of the BPO industry continues to increase with each year of its existence. It is also sited that with these opportunities, that will open for the locals, will help lessen the number of unemployed Filipinos in the country.

The BPO industry is currently employing over 700,000+ Filipinos, in which a vast majority of them are working as call center agents. Common services that are outsourced to the Philippines are Customer Support, Email Support, Accounting, Financing, Sales Representatives, and Telesales Agents.

The Philippines became one of the major destinations of the BPO industry due to the proficiency of the Filipinos in English (both oral and written) and due to the lower cost of living in the Philippines. The talents that are abundant in the country (coming from varying fields) can also be considered as one of the factors that influences the growth of the BPO industry, as it caters to the varying needs and requirements of various companies that are outsourcing their businesses in the Philippines. As many have already tried and tested, outsourcing to the Philippines can save a great deal amount of money.

With these information, it can be said that career opportunities in the BPO industries can be for a long-term one as the pay can be above the minimum wage requirement in the country. It will also help elevate the daily living standard of the employees involved in the BPO industry.

The next following years are crucial, as it is still seen that the BPO industry will continue to grow exponentially and provide more jobs with each year of its existence in the country.

* BPO Industry To Generate 100,000 Jobs This Year, Cathy Rose A. Garcia, http://www.ABS-CBNnews.com


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