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Next BPO Solutions leads in setting up Digisource, Inc., the pioneer of Impact Sourcing in the Philippines

One of the major hurdles in society today is the soaring number of unemployed individuals in the community. Here alone in the Philippines, 7.5-percent of its total population alone is considered unemployed. The rate of jobless individuals in the country alone is increasing each year.

The Philippines, considered a leader in the IT-BPO industry, is currently lacking any programs that would help ease and lower the number of jobless Filipinos. One of the thought-of initiatives in the IT-BPO industry in other countries like India is Impact Sourcing.

Impact Sourcing simply refers to the strategy of harnessing the Internet to bring low-cost data management jobs to remote and impoverished communities. This strategy will help those individuals that are located in the remote regions of a country wherein they cannot afford to go to school, earn a better living or simply because they lack the necessary skills and experience to apply for a job.

That is why Next BPO Solutions, a customized outsourcing specialist based in Davao City, Philippines, is launching a new project that will help improve the lives of those in the remote areas and regions of the Philippines. The project: Digisource, Inc., the purpose: To pioneer Impact Sourcing in the Philippines.

The idea of Digisource, Inc. was conceived with the combined efforts of the leaders in the IT-BPO industry here in the Philippines, particularly in Davao City.

Digisource, Inc. is a non-profit organization that aims to provide regular employment opportunities for the underprivileged and to provide income opportunities to social entrepreneurs in the rural and depressed areas of the Philippines.

Digisource, Inc. will operate based on the following principles:

  1. Implementing Impact Sourcing through which it will seek non-voice business process outsourcing projects both from the domestic and international markets which it can assign to qualified service partners who will employ the underprivileged;
  2. Implementing Training Programs for rural area entrepreneurs who will provide employment in their locality;
  3. Hiring and training talents from the underprivileged sector (those who cannot be hired by traditional outsourcing companies) through a well-governed training and project management program.

Digisource, Inc. will be governed by selected key individuals from different industries and sectors of society who will help maintain its ideals of providing employment to the underprivileged and it will be non-partisan and non-denominational in order to serve and reach the general population who are unemployed but otherwise are trainable and employable.

This is a one-of-a-kind project here in the Philippines that involve the ever growing IT-BPO industry that will help elevate the quality of life for a lot of Filipinos.


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