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Life-Changing Opportunities Seen On Distinct Lifestyles Of BPO Workers

In a recent survey by Nielsen Philippines, BPO employees have been quoted as one of the most formidable members of the growing middle class population in the Philippines. This result was based on the fact that most BPO employees have affluence on their spending habits than the average consumer spending on their needs.

The interview, which were conducted face-to-face with the workers, found that they spend a high amount on food and beverages that are ready-to-eat and drink given the typical shifting schedules and graveyard shifts.

Hard candy gums, breakfast cereals, biscuits, chocolates, instant noodles and coffee were among the top food and beverages consumed by a regular call center worker for its quick preparation and energy boosting benefits.

Iced tea, energy drinks, ready-to-drink juices and milk were also one of the most consumed products of call center agents that even tops the average Filipino consumer, calling them “their little daily indulgences” in their daily call center work.

Alcohol consumption was also high among BPO workers, with almost 76% of them admitting to this compared to the 40% of the general population. Alcohol, for the BPO workers, is said to be their medium in establishing of teamwork and is normally bought at convenience stores and other store outlets that are open 24 hours.

Postpaid subscription plan holders were also recorded to be on high among the call center workers than that of the general populace, with the respondents noting that the importance of connectivity on the network and mobile internet is an important aspect of their busy schedules that proves to be useful in maintaining their family and casual relationships.

BPO workers are also recorded to be more likely to own gadgets that are more advanced than those owned by the average Filipino due to the higher spending clout of BPO workers.

It was also noted that BPO consumers live multiple-screen lives as they are always on two or more screens, whether on the TV, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

This gives advertisers and marketers a huge opportunity to drive innovation and interest in their products such as consumer goods, medical products, telecommunications, financial services and other needs and wants of a consumer.

By: Darren Juffray H. Manalastas


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