Staff Philippines is the official news and blog site of Next BPO Solutions, Inc. a company formed to fill the gap left open by many Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers. Staff Philippines seeks to provide insights on how to maximize the outsourcing services you are subscribing to from your service providers, particularly those coming from the Philippines.

Next BPO Solutions is a Customized Outsourcing Specialist (TM). Not too many outsourcing services providers can claim that nowadays. As a Customized Outsourcing Specialist, we make sure that our solutions meet your business goals and not only ours. You will find us to be very responsive, flexible and easy to work with. More than that, we work transparently. We let you know how much we make and how much your outsourced/dedicated Staff makes. By being fully transparent, you know that you are not slapped with hidden charges or get surprised each time you receive your service bill. And since you decide how much your Staff receives every month, you are in full control on how much you should spend to make sure that your outsourcing decision fulfills your business goal – to improve operations processes and services while cutting on costs.

As a Philippines-based outsourcing company, we give you a better idea of not only the working habits but also of the culture and intricacies you will have to consider while managing your outsourced/dedicated Staff. From time to time, we will give you the latest on the trends in the outsourcing industry in the Philippines as well as ideas on how to manage your outsourced staff successfully.

Do check us out regularly as we strive to keep this site updated. Meanwhile, please visit our corporate web site, www.nextbposolutions.com.



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