Outsourcing Services

Through Next BPO Solutions, Inc., a company based in and providing outsourcing services from Davao City, Philippines, you will be able to avail of the following services:

Business Process Outsourcing

So you can focus on growing your business, you can outsource some processes of your business such as:

  • Customer Support (Frontline or Follow-up Support)
  • Back-Office (Order Entry, Billing, Logistics)
  • Administration (Executive Assistants, Payroll and Benefits Management)
  • Accounting (General Accounting and Audit)

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Why spend so much on IT and limit yourself only to what you can do? Leverage technology by outsourcing your IT services requirements from the Philippines such as:

  • IT Support (Server and Network Management, User and Telecommuter Support)
  • System Development (New and Internal Business Applications)
  • System Integration (Maximizing Available Systems and Applications such as ERP and eCommerce)
  • Web Design and Development (Web Applications both for PCs and Mobile Phones)
  • Internet Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, Internet Branding, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing)
  • IT Infrastructure Outsourcing (Hosting Solutions, Cloud Computing, Software As A Service, Infrastructure As A Service)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

At least 60% of any successful outsourcing project is attributed to acquiring the right talents, all the rest goes to technology (infrastructure) and processes. This is we pay more attention to our talent acquisition among others because you want the right people to work with you for the long-term. Among the services you can avail include:

  • Talent Sourcing (We acquire and deliver the right talents)
  • Staff Leasing (We acquire the right talents, assign them to you as dedicated staff)

Business Center Outsourcing

For some companies, once they have all the right talents and processes already in place, the next logical step is to eventually open an office or operations center in the Philippines. We can provide this service wherein we prepare your Business Center in the Philippines – from talent acquisition to training, from operations to business registration.

Outsourcing Service Provider Selection

Yes, although we provide outsourced services, we have to accept the fact that we cannot really do them all (we wish we could). Your needs may be beyond what we can provide. But you don’t really know who can provide the services for you also, and we know the other service providers in our area. Through a retainer’s arrangement (although we may explore potential partnerships), we will pre-qualify service providers for you so you can make better decisions and also speed-up your decision-making process. We can help implement your projects anywhere in the Philippines. We know the area, we know the people, we know what’s available, and we also know who really is capable.

Contact Next BPO Solutions now for outsourcing requirements.



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